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La Citadelle de Sisteron

Site and Monument

Vue sur la citadelle de Siteron

On the border of Provence and the Dauphiné, silhouetted against the sky above the Durance valley, the outer walls, bastions and keep of the Citadel dominate the town of Sisteron

It is the most striking landmark in Haute Provence, overlooking the landscape 150km around.

Listed as a historical monument, the Citadel, which extends over an area of ten hectares, testifies to eight centuries of architectural and historical development.

The keep and ramparts, built along a narrow rocky crest, date back to the XIIIth century, whilst the series of terraced, bastioned enclosures was added in the XVIth century.
In 1692, Vauban designed a vast defence project for the fortress. Of that ambitious plan only the construction of the powder store was carried out. Considerable alterations were made to the north side in the mid-XIXth century, which was when the impressive underground stairway was carved out of the rock to connect the Fortress to the city's northern gate.

Extensively damaged during the bombing of the town in August 1944, the Citadel, now beautifully restored, welcomes you for a very special visit:

At night fall, the Citadel is beautifully lit up – in 2009 it received two awards for its lighting effects (1er Prix national du concours Lumières, Prix des Rubans du Patrimoine).